Tufi is a tourist paradise just waiting to be explored.

Located on the northeastern coast of Papua New Guinea, and 250 kilomteres east northeast of Port Moresby, Tufi Dive Resort is perched on the flanking slopes of Mount Trafalgar overlooking sheer rock faces that plunge into an enclosed picturesque fjord draped in exotic rainforest to the waters edge.

The fjord opens onto pristine blue tropical waters and the coastline of the Oro Province and Cape Nelson with uncharted reefs, underwater WWII dive sites and stunning marine biodiversity.

The adjacent mainland areas have a rich local cultural heritage and a scenic beauty that has to be seen to be believed.

Local tribal villages give visitors an insight into indigenous culture, while the orchids, birds and butterflies of the rainforest and lowland areas are as outrageously beautiful as the underwater scenery enjoyed by divers.

Tufi Dive Resort is built in traditional style and accommodates up to 24 guests comfortably with all of the trappings of less remote destinations.

It is truly a first class resort in a pristine paradise.

The Resort

In February 2000 the resort underwent major reconstruction and renovations. The new colonial style resort building houses a dining room, lounge, bar, reception, library, office and laundry. Built from timber to harmonise with the tropical surroundings, it features traditional woven mat walls blended with walnut feature panels.

Wide spacious verandahs that overlook the sea and fiords. Scattered throughout the complex are many exquisite artefacts and traditional costumes from all over PNG.

It's an inviting place to relax, relive the days activities and plan the next day's experience. In the evening enjoy a cocktail and hors d'oeuvres by the bar or take in the sunset from the surrounding veranda.

Dine on a smorgasbord of local seafood, vegetables and tropical fruits in the resort dining room or enjoy a BBQ grill on the Fjord Terrace accompanied by a wide selection of wines and ice-cold beer.

The resort although primarily a dive resort does cater for a whole range of additional activities which include blue water and Bass fishing, canoeing, bushwalking, bird and butterfly watching. For the naturalists, Tufi is home for many of the worlds most exquisite orchids.

The units have polished timber floors and are traditionally lined. All of the civilized creature comforts, screens, air-cons, hot water, ensuites, bar fridge, coffee and tea making facilities are available. Most units have verandahs overlooking the fiord or Coral sea.

Other Information

  • Eco Traveller: For the adventurous, Tufi Dive Resort can arrange for trips and overnight stays in local guesthouses inside a typical Oro village environment.
  • Conference Facilities: Tufi Dive Resort has a fully refurbished conference centre which can accommodate 30 people. The centre is equipped with standard audio and visual aperatus, as well as video, flip chart and white boards.
  • Credit Cards: We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express credit cards, travellers' cheques, cash and overseas bank drafts.
  • Foreign Exchange: Tufi Dive Resort exchanges major foreign currencies provided this is not in excess of US$1000.
  • Telecommunications: There are phone and fax facilities at the resort.
  • Child Minding Facilities: The Resort can arrange local child minding at reasonable rates provided adequate notice is given.

Diving at Tufi

Tufi offers a wide variety of diving experiences. From diving the fiords to unchartered reefs and WW2 wrecks. Constant visibility of 30 metres plus and water temperatures of 26°C to 29°C all year round.

Dive the fjords, experience our unique macro world and check out the WW2 P.T. boat wrecks. Day or night, a wide variety of gobie, nudibranchs, Mandarin Fish, Ghost Pipe Fish, Pigmy Seahorse and a plethora of other fascinating creatures. A wonderful array of sponge and shelf corals that line the walls of the tropical rainforest fiord, a truly different dive environment.

The outer reef experience is unsurpassed with a choice of dozens of world-class dive sites. Moor onto a few of our favourites, Cyclone Cay, Black Rocks, Stewarts Reef and Shark Tip.

Dive the famous Dutch cargo ship the "S Jacob" or Blackjack - an intact B17 bomber. Spectacular marine life in abundance: schooling barracuda and reef fish, hammerheads, reef sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, grouper and cruising palegic as well as soft and hard corals. A pristine environment unspoiled.

Fjords and Snorkelling

The fjords are excellent for macro diving with gobies, nudibranch, shrimps and clams. These animals can be seen by diving, but conditions are also ideal for snorkelling. Because there is very little current movement in the fjords, many sponges and coral species grow prolifically and there are some very large sponges and shelf corals that are not common on the outer reefs.

Reef Dives from Tufi

The majority of reefs in the region remain unexplored and it will be some time before the full diversity of the Tufi reefs are known. The resort focuses on reef and muck diving and all diving is carried out under the guidance of PADI dive professionals.

The resort is well appointed with dive boats. Crystal at 30 foot, is spacious and has comfortable seating. The boat features a shower and toilet facility and is well equipped with all safety features. A cruise speed of 20 knots provides divers less time travelling and more time underwater.

All vessels are fully equipped with first aid kits and oxygen therapy equipment. The resort has four other smaller multi purpose boats equipped for diving, fishing or site seeing.

Reefs of Tufi

Not many things compete with the views and services of Tufi Resort EXCEPT for the diving. Whether it's our Hammerhead sharks, Manta-Rays, Eagle-Rays, Turtles, schools of Barracuda and our occasional Dugong or our many wrecks some of which have not even been named yet (WWII planes, ships and tanks)

Our small critter, "muck" diving will astound you: nudibranchs of all colors and shapes, Mandarin fish, ghostpipe fish, pigmy sea-horses and a plethora of other fascinating creatures. Hard & soft corals compete for your attention in a pristine environment where visibility is measured in terms of 140-150 feet!


For those that do not dive, enjoy a lengthy guided bushwalk to an adjoining fjord and take in the magnificent views of Cape Nelson or the peaks of Mt Trafalgar.

For the naturalists, experience the largest butterfly in the world, the Alexandra Bird Wing. Perhaps enjoy a leisurely swim or a stroll down a sandy beach five minutes from your unit door.

Canoe or kayak the fjords and experience the magnificent waterfalls that cascade from the cliff tops.


Venture into Papuan Black Bass country. Reputably pound for pound the best fighting fish in the world. The Musa and Kopwei Rivers will test your angling skills. Guided by experienced resort staff and local inhabitants these trips can be arranged at short notice. For the enthusiastic fisherman overnight at a traditional Oro village and catch the early morning action.

Action packed days trolling the reefs for small Black Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Spanish Mackeral,Tuna, Dolphin Fish and Dog Toothed Tuna. The surrounding seas and reefs will astound you with pelagic varieties.

Just one kilometre of shore the best game fishing in PNG awaits you. Bottom fish for Red Emperor, Nannygai, and Coral Trout. A fast 24-foot game boat is available as well as two tri hulled covered runabouts.


Tufi Fiord (Eastern Ridge) and Mt Trafalgar Hike
A great walk to the top of the Tufi Fiord (eastern ridge) some 1 1/2 hours walk one way from the Tufi Resort, the people are very receptive at the village at the end of the fiord, particularly with fresh cool coconut juice.

This village is perched at the very end of the fiord with panoramic views of the entire coastline. The walk is quite breathtaking and about two thirds of the way Maclaren Harbour and Tufi Fiord nearly meet, the distance between both fiords would be no more than 20 feet with sheer drops both sides of about 200 feet. At the village are two old bunkers used by the Americans during the WW11 for anti aircraft gun emplacements.

En route we encountered numerous Kokomo's (Horn Bill), parrots and cockatoos. The nesting season for the Kokomos is during the wet, November through to March. Sea Eagles also are common and can be seen majestically souring in the up draft from the wind currents in the fiord below.

From the village we can walk to the base of Mt Trafalgar some 3 hours solid walk one way. This track is not well used and would be a trifle difficult for the less experienced. At the base are a wide variety of bird life including Birds of Paradise. The butterfly season is also during this period when the vine they both feed and pupate is more prolific. At this time a wide variety of butterflies can be seen including, if you are lucky the Alexandra Birdwing, the largest butterfly in the world.

Hikers can be accommodated in traditional style at the village prior to their long walk inland. Accommodation would be very basic, local village meals would be provided along with plenty of cold mountain water.

Adequate notice must be given to enable the resort to arrange guides and accommodation requirements. Suitable hiking attire should be worn and a good supply of insect repellents is also recommended.

Tufi Fiord (Western ridge) to Baga Village
Bush walking to Baga Vilage is quite an adventure, about 2 hours one way. Commencing with a short boat ride across Tufi Fiord (3 minutes) the walk starts at the base of the fiord. A quick hike up a short sharp incline puts you on the major walking track. These tracks are well defined as they have been used for many years. The walk (Sth/West) eventually takes you to the highest point of Tufi Fiord and from here you can see the resort nestled well below.

Continuing on up the fiord ridge we pass through many small unnamed villager's all very tidely groomed with nice gardens. Spectacular views of the coastline and fiords make this walk truly worth while.

From the highest point the track then traverses in a downhill easterly direction to Baga Village. The track is dotted with many gardens where the locals from villagers busily tend their Taro and Ibika crops. These busy workers are always happy to chat with you under the shade of a nearby tree. Fresh cool winds from the prevailing winds sweep up the ridge and quickly dry the sweat beads that have accumulated from the walk.

On arrival the village is large by village standards in this area, well groomed and many friendly smiling faces. It is located right on the point of the fiord with a fantastic well shaded white sandy beach and snorkeling area. Fresh cool coconuts supplied by the local in habitants are the order of the day. A great walk culminating in a cooling dip into the clear waters.

The resort boat then returns the walkers to the resort (15 minutes) or alternatively hike back the same route (a bit harder going back).

Days outing to Kupari Point Village
This site is relatively close by to Tufi where guest can enjoy local customary hospitality. Set on Kupari Point there is accommodation for 8 guests along with eating quarters. Beautiful white sandy beaches and reefs surround the point.

Travel to the village by canoe across the small fiord, alight and enjoy a casual stroll through local gardens and smaller villagers on route to Kupari Point. Look at real traditional life style a grass roots level. Meet friendly hospitable local villager's and enjoy a traditional village luncheon of seafood and local vegetables . Witness a real Papua New Guinean Sing Sing - Oro style. Swim and snorkel the afternoon away on the many reefs covered in abundance with an array of marine life. Stroll back through the villagers to fetch your canoe ride home.

Canoeing And Kayaking

Accommodation is available at Komoa Village on Tufi Fiord, Baga Village on Amunian Bay, Jebo Village and Kupari Point Village on Maclaren Harbour. The average price of village accommodation is K50-K100 per night including food.

All of the fiords are easily accessible and to traverse any one fiord ie the perimeter would take the average paddlers at least 4 hours. Maclaren Harbour has two pristine creeks that can be traversed by kayak and have a wide variety of diversity in terms of bird and plant life. Some quite spectacular basalt bluffs rise from these small creeks.

Amunian Fiord has the Jo-Jo Waterfalls that will be quite spectacular in the October - November season. This is close by to Baga Village where accommodation is available.

From Baga travel south to Jebo on Uramanou Bay where another great waterfall is located that runs all year round.

All of the fiords have a wide variety of bird life and traversing from one fiord to another, kayakers will cross many of the beautiful reefs that protect the fiord entrances from incoming south easterly seas.

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