Malolo Plantation Lodge
Madang, North Coast

Steaming volcanic mountains cloaked in green capes of lush tropical foliage thrust steeply upward from the deep blue waters. Jungle birds call randomly from their roosts, while thin threads of smoke rise from clusters of thatched roof huts lining the shores. This magical landscape is where Malolo Plantation Lodge is found.

Above and below these tropical waters, the area is alive with a diversity of plant, animal and marine life. This entire coastline becomes another wondrous world of discovery and delight for snorkelers, divers and those interested in marine ecology. Take a traditional canoe ride over crystal waters teeming with fish and blanketed in coral to an uninhabited island for a guided nature walk. Marvel at the plant life and tree species growing on ancient volcanic rocks swept by ocean spray.

A short distance by road reveals a traditional village where the people still make use of and live in harmony with their natural surrounds. These gentle people guide us through the forest to show how they use the plants and fruits for both medicinal and ceremonial purposes. Watch women as they work dressed in skirts made as they have been for centuries from local grasses and colored from the natural dyes of forest plants, berries and earthen clays.

Idle coconut plantations, where the palms and cocoa shade trees are laden with giant, magnificent stag-horn ferns, are home to hundreds of colorful birds. This area of Papua New Guinea is a picture perfect tropical paradise. Malolo Plantation Lodge has 14 air-conditioned rooms, tennis court, dive facilities, restaurant, bar and lounge, fresh water swimming pool and extensive lawns and gardens reaching down to the ocean.



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