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Dive Insurance

Dive Assure insurance

Check out DiveAssure to see your options in protecting yourself and ensuring everything is covered.

DiveAssure is a Membership Association. As a member of DiveAssure, you will enjoy their help to save you money on everyday services by taking advantage of the variety of benefits included in their membership package.

DiveAssure and the Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology have partnered to provide divers with better care and knowledge. This relationship assists Duke in diving safety research and enhances the services offered to DiveAssure members.

Based on over a decade of service dedicated exclusively to divers and with the expertise gained through the service of hundreds of thousands of divers, they offer great membership benefits and insurance programs- designed specifically for divers.

Divers Alert Network travel insurance

Dive with peace of mind knowing you are covered in case the unexpected happens. DAN offers three dive accident insurance plans to provide the coverage you need. Insurance exists to protect us against unpredictable expenses. DAN provides access to different insurance plans to meet the individual needs of DAN Members.

Only DAN Members can get DAN insurance, so join today!
DAN Trip Insurance
The DAN Dive Accident Insurance Program
DAN Dive Equipment Insurance
Divers Alert Network (DAN) is the largest association of recreational divers in the world, DAN is supported by membership dues and donations. The benefits of DAN membership include emergency medical evacuation assistance through DAN TravelAssist, a subscription to Alert Diver magazine and access to DAN’s insurance services.

DAN Mission-

- Medical Information: The DAN Medical Information department staffs a 24- hour emergency hotline and specializes in evacuation coordination, dive medicine information and medical referrals.
Research: DAN Research provides the diving community with medical information that enables informed decisions about health, safety and diving.
Education: DAN Education develops and offers courses that specialize in prehospital emergency care.
Giving: DAN thrives because of the generosity of its members. Your donations transform the lives of divers in need.

Become a DAN Member today!

MedjetAssist emergency evacuation insurance

As with all sports, accidents can happen. If you would like additional protection for your dive vacations we recommend MedjetAssist as a good source for emergency evacuations.

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MedjetAssist is a medical evacuation membership program that arranges medical transfer to the hospital of the member’s choice. If a Medjet member becomes hospitalized more than 150 miles from home and meets transport criteria, Medjet will arrange medical transfer to the hospital of their choice at no additional cost. All the member pays is their membership fee.